Stay.....stay.....STAY!! How to photograph groups of dogs.

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Welcome to my new blog!  It's one of those things I've been meaning to do and finally I've got a 'round tuit' as my Grandma used to say!! 

Recently, I asked the lovely people on my Facebook page Rae Prince Photography what were their biggest challenges when photographing their pets and the first post was specifically about 'how do I photograph and manage groups of dogs?'  I'd like to say, "it's easy!" but of course that isn't always the case, so here are a few little tips you can use at home and hopefully you'll find them helpful.

Watch out for the little one...she's the boss!

Practise! Practise! ....and practise again!

Spend some time teaching your dogs a reliable 'sit' or 'down' and a 'wait/stay.' A few minutes each day and they'll soon have it nailed.  Make sure you do it somewhere without distractions so that they can concentrate on you.  All the dogs in the picture above are agility trained so they have rock steady waits.  Believe it or not, this was the first take!

Use your best behaved dog

Put your most obedient one into place first and arrange the others accordingly.  This way they won't get too bored and run off after the squirrels.

Sshhhh....don't say a word!

Once you have them all in place, don't utter a word other than the occasional 'STAY!'  if needed.  Trust me, they will use any excuse to get up and come and see what you're doing if you start to talk. Also, think about who likes to sit next to who so there's no arguments.

If all else fails.....

.....keep them on a lead and either carefully arrange it so that it's hidden for the shot or edit it out afterwards. It will be our little secret and I won't tell a soul! 
















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